• Reviewed by: redjead  on: 2020/8/19 18:18:45
    So I am only one person and I have to order for Two???
  • Reviewed by: santoshsahupimr1921  on: 2020/5/18 4:33:24
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  • Reviewed by: docellis  on: 2018/10/12 18:37:38
    The worst online order ever. It took 58 Min. for my order to arrive. That meant that most items that we ordered not even warm so some things did not taste good. Scallops were tough and the chicken dish had a funny smell to it. Fortune cookies had an ad for Capital one and were stale.
  • Reviewed by: olu  on: 2018/1/17 9:44:23
    Hi there, I’m helping a few businesses around CLU campus attract more student customers - I thought you might be interested. For less than $1 a day we'll promote your restaurant to CLU students through our exclusive student journals. An ad of your restaurant will be printed on every page of the journals. The journals are handed out to hundreds students for free during the semester. In order to receive the next edition for free, students have to email us 2 receipts showing they visited your restaurant. We'll email you these receipts as proof. Kindly reply this email or give me a call if you would like to learn more. Thanks, Olu; 682-256-7696
  • Reviewed by: sfurukawa  on: 2018/1/11 20:08:22
    I am so disappointed tonight with my online order pick-up. I ordered 2 of the Sweet & Pungent Chicken (one medium hot and the other extra hot), Vegetable Fried Rice and Broccoli with Snow Peas. The order was WRONG! I received 2 orders of the Honey Spicy Chicken and it was really BAD!!! It was sweet and not spicy. The chicken was over cooked and very tough. I really wanted to just take it back and get a refund but my family was so hungry we ended up just eating it. I wish I would have just taken it back for refund. It was just that bad! Don't think I'll be ordering from your restaurant again. My order total was $42.69. Order ID 520691692. Time 5:46 PM. Stephen Furukawa
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/27 0:11:58
  • Reviewed by: iikodane12  on: 2016-08-03T20:53:31
    japan is still superior but i respect the amount of work that went into this food when i ordered here
  • Reviewed by: Luke.Klawitter  on: 2016-04-23T20:14:00
  • Reviewed by: tamstutz  on: 2016-03-31T11:07:55
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    Saturday night we decided to hunt down a real Chinese Chinese restaurant. Honey remembered one that he used to go to when he was a kid and believe it or... ...?
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